1. Index

In order to use this User Guide, simply click on each Header in the Index below to be taken to the correct page. To return to the Index page from any other page, simply click on Index in the 3View Guide header.  I have tried to make this User Guide as easy to follow as possible by showing a screen grab of every step as it is taken. This to assist any user who is not familiar with using a personal video recorder. Because the 3View unit allows so much customization by the user, it can seem rather complicated to use, but my advice is take it one step at a time. Set up some recordings with the default settings, you probably will not need to change any of them. You can always alter settings to suit as you become more familiar with the unit and all of its many features.


2.. Before you Begin

3. Connecting up

4. The Remote Control

5. The set up Wizard

Using your 3View personal video recorder.

6. Watching Live TV

7. Managing your Channels

8. Recording Defaults

9. Setting Recordings using the Info Bar and Guide

10. Setting Recordings using Search

11. Managing your Recordings

12. Deleting Recordings and Timers

13. The Home Page. (Menu)

14. The TV Guide

15. 3View Portal. BBC iPlayer

16. 3View Portal. Other Services

17. Home Page. Photos

18. Home Page. Music and Videos

19. Home Page. Settings

20. Settings. Recording Defaults

21. Settings. System

22. Settings. Registration and Maintenance Menu

23. Using the Widgets

24.  Acknowledgements.


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