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Before you can begin to view your photos, videos or listen to your music files on your 3View unit you will need to enable Sharing on your PC.  Here’s how to do this assuming you are using Windows 7 operating system.

1. Click on the Start icon, Control Panel and then Network and Internet. and Sharing Centre .

2. Select from under HomeGroup, homegroup and sharing options.

3. Firstly tick all those Libraries that you wish to share with the 3View unit.

4.  Tick the Stream my pictures, music and videos to all devices on my home network and then click on Choose Media streaming options.

5. Here you can give your media library a name. Underneath will be listed all of the devices on your local network. If you have not changed the default name of the 3View unit it will be displayed as HOST: Media Renderer so change the Blocked default  to Allowed and then click on OK at the bottom of this page.

6. You may also need to adjust some settings in the Advanced sharing so from the same page, click on Change advanced sharing settings under Other homegroup actions.

7. Make sure that the following are ticked, Turn on Network discovery and also Turn on file and printer sharing then click on Save Changes at the bottom of that page.

All of your photo files, music files and video files stored on your PC are now  accessible from the 3View unit.  All of the 3View units recordings will be fully accessible as videos on your PC in Windows Media Player including any HD programs.

My Photos Title and icon

From the Home page, Press OK on My Photos to access photos stored on the 3view unit, on locally attached storage media, or on network attached storage devices including another 3view unit.


Setting up the Slideshow features

Groups of photos can be arranged as Slideshows. Saved slideshows are displayed here.
Press OK on Slideshows and then again on New Slideshow to create a rolling display of images.
Once you have chosen a name for your Slideshow, the delay between frames, how the image should be sized to fit the screen and whether or not music should play in the background have been set up, the slideshow is complete.
Pressing OK on a slideshow’s name displays options to play it, edit the options attached to it, clear its contents or delete it.


To add photographs to a slideshow, go to My Photos, highlight a photo and press OK and then select Add to Slideshow: ???  where ??? is the slideshow’s name.
To remove a photo from a slideshow, go to Slideshows, select the slideshow to be edited and press OK on the photo
to be removed. A music PLAYLIST can be assigned to a slideshow to execute at the same time.

Copying Photos

In order to  transfer photographs onto the 3view units hard drive from a network source and then store them in My Photos,
move down to Entire Network and select the device on which the photographs are currently stored.
After a brief pause the 3view will identify all of the images which are available on that device and will display a list on screen. To select and transfer images press OK on a folder or single image and then choose Copy to My Media.
To transfer photographs from a USB attached device, move down to Removable Media and use the same method as that for a network source

Add to my Media

To make photos available, but not actually copy them onto the 3view units hard drive, use Add to My Media.

My Folders

Save shortcuts to your pictures on your system or your network here.

Entire Network

Content from other devices on your network can be viewed on your TV. Compatible devices and computer shares are displayed here.

Removable media

USB drives and Keys can be attached. Compatible images can be browsed here.

Note! The USB ports have sufficient power to run USB sticks but not “spinning” hard drives. A hard drive will need an external power supply. A powered USB hub is another alternative, which also presents a more accessible port for connection.


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