23. Using the Widgets.

The 3View unit features Widgets, which are small programs you can access whilst watching a live broadcast. They are accessed by pressing the RED coloured button on the remote control. At this time they consist of a Sport Reader Widget, a Calculator, a News Reader Widget, the 3View User Guide and a Twitter Widget.

Sports News Reader Icon_thumb[1]


The Sports News Reader widget offers Sports news feeds from a variety of sources and on a range of subjects such as Sky Sports, Premier Football and Formula One. To change the currently selected source, use the up or down arrow key to move to the new source and then press OK to access the relevant headers for that source. Use the direction Right arrow key to move across to the newly visible story then the Up/Down direction arrow keys to move from story to story. Press OK to read the story in depth. Press Exit to exit the widget.



Calculator Icon_thumb[3]



Use the central arrow keys to move around the on-screen calculator and OK to enter the number, symbol or operator. Numbers may also be entered by using the numeric keys on the remote control.
Press Exit to exit the widget.



News Reader_thumb[5]


The News Reader Widget works in exactly the same way as the Sports News Widget. Various sources of different types of News are listed on the left hand side of the Widget. Scroll down or up the list using the Up/Down direction buttons and press OK to access the different headlines under each type of News. Press the Right direction button to enter the headlines, scroll up or down the headline list again using the Up/Down direction buttons and then press OK to read your choice of news from the headline list.



User Manual Widget_thumb[4]



The 3view User Manual Widget contains the full official User Guide for your unit. To access each Main Area, move down the list using the Up/Down direction keys and then press OK to access the sub headings under each main area in the list. Move to a sub heading again using the Up/Down arrow keys and then press OK to read the instructions for the area you are interested in reading.



TwiGet Widget_thumb[1]




The TwiGet Widget allows you to access your Twitter account and feeds. It requires the use of an external USB keyboard and mouse to be connected to the 3View unit via the two rear USB ports. Once connected, type in your Username or email into the box and then your password to access your Twitter account.



NOTE! These Widgets are the current ones available at the time of writing this User Guide. All widgets are liable to be added to or withdrawn without further notice by 3View.


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