10. Setting your Recordings.

Setting a recording using Search.

The other method of setting up a recording without navigating through either the Info Bar or the Guide is to use the 3View search feature. In order to access Search,  click on the PVR button on your remote control.  You will then have access to the Recordings screen.

Adding letters to Search


Search is already highlighted and is the first choice available in the list select  Search. You will now see the built in keyboard where you can input your letters to begin your search. Click on the Shift key in order to cycle to lower case, numbers and back to Capital letters.  As you input another each letter, the choice of programs shown in the list on the right hand side will update. 





As soon as you see the program that you are searching for to record, select the OK button and then using the right direction button, move across and down or up the list in order to highlight your choice of program. Press OK on the remote and you will see the familiar choices in a list for you to set up your recording.  Just choose the one that you wish to set up for this particular program, either a single episode or a Series.



Full Title added to Keyword


Whilst you are accessing the Search screen and keyboard you will notice the Create Wishlist which is featured below the Search title and Keywords area of the Enter Search Restrictions box.  This feature allows you to set up future recordings based on your selection of Keywords. Let’s say that there is a program which is currently not being broadcast at the moment but will be shown some time in the future. You can set up a Wishlist containing the title of that program so that as soon as it is broadcast again, it will automatically be recorded. . 


Add wish to record to Wishlist


To set up your Wishlist, instead of filling in the letters in the Title box, move down to the Keywords box and input the letters, either a single word or the whole of the title that you wish the unit to record some time in the future. Once you have completed entering your keyword or title, click on Create Wishlist. You will now be able to set up your recording of that program as you wish using the drop down list. The 3view unit will then record all instances of any program broadcast in the future if it contains your keyword/s until such time as you choose to  cancel it.




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