2. Before you Begin.


Congratulations on your choice of the next generation 3view personal video recorder. We hope that you enjoy using it. Please follow this User Guide to ensure correct usage of this unit.


In your 3view package your should have all of the following included. Please contact your supplier if any of the items are missing.

g  1x 3view HD box

1 x External power supply

g  1 x Remote control

g  1 x HDMI cable

g    1 x Network cable

g    2x AAA Batteries

g    Warranty Card


NOTE:  In some areas you may need to upgrade your aerial to ensure that you are able to receive digital television broadcasts – a good reception of existing analogue signals is no guarantee of good digital reception.

Warranty: 3View comes with a 12 month advance replacement warranty. To extend your warranty by a further 12 months, please visit www.3view.com to register your box and receive this benefit.




Warning!  When first connecting the set top box, please make sure all equipment is switched off!

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