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15. The 3View Portal. BBC iPlayer.


3View Button and Title

3View Portal


Selecting 3View from the Home page will take you to the 3View portal where you can access the BBC iPlayer, YouTube, Sky Player, 3View services, Bing Home page and the broadcasters Home pages. The currently tuned program is displayed in a window above the different services tabs. To use a service in the 3View portal, simply click on that relevant tab.




BBC iPlayer


After clicking on the BBC iPlayer tab you will be shown the Home page and be in the Highlights screen by default.  To view all of the available programs use the direction buttons on the 3view remote to scroll left or right. Pressing the down direction button will access the Most Popular programs in the lower portion of the player screen. Pressing down again will allow access to both the Settings page and the Help page. Any tab or area that you have navigated to will change colour  to pink.


When you see a program that you would like to view then press OK whilst it is selected.  You will have to okay the viewing if the chosen program is deemed to be not suitable for children to watch and you will be prompted at the same time to set up a Parental Lock in Settings. 

Pressing the up direction button will take you back to the top tabs where you can change the programs shown to include only TV or Radio programs  and you can also conduct a Search for a program if you cannot find it in the TV or Radio areas.  Moving down to the tabs below those  allows you to change the available programs from Highlights to Last Played ( the programs you have viewed previously on the Player) and also Just In.

TV Screen in BBC iPlayer


On selecting either the TV or Radio tabs at the top, the main screen will change to show four more tabs consisting of TV Channels, Categories, Most Popular and lastly All or A-H, I-P and Q-Z. the Categories list is further divided into Most Popular or by Day. (Date.) Use the directions buttons on the 3view remote to scroll down the list of available programs and press OK to select one to watch.  Programs are shown according to whichever criteria you have selected via the tabs.  the Radio screen accessed by selecting the Radio Tab is displayed in exactly the same way. 


Help in BBC iPlayer


Scrolling down to the bottom of the player and selecting Settings will allow you to set up Parental Control if you have children living at home and also change the Video format if you are finding that the iPlayer is tending to halt during playback due to buffering problems caused by your internet connection speed.  If you are finding that you have problems using the BBC iPlayer at all, a very handy Help area  has been included next to Settings  where you will find answers to most of your queries. 


Choices for each program chosen



Whenever you select a program to watch, you will be informed how many days the program will be available for you to watch on the player, how long the program will take to watch and also if that particular program is also available on the BBC iPlayer in HD or alternatively in SD if you have chosen the HD version.




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16. The 3View Portal. Other Services.



Choice once you select a video


The YouTube tab in the 3View portal gives access to YouTube videos which are divided into different categories on the left hand side of the screen.  As you select each category on the left using the direction keys and then pressing OK, the list of available videos on the right hand side will change in content.  In order to select  a video to watch move over to the list of Videos under your chosen Category, scroll down the list and press OK.  



DSC02306You will be shown two choices, Play Video or Add to Favourites. Select Play Video. If you select Add to Favourites that video will then be added to those found under the My Favourites tab. You can clear your Favourites once you have watched them all by using the Clear Favourites tab at the bottom.

The Search Tab when selected will display the familiar on screen Keyboard where you can enter the title of a YouTube video and then search the whole of  YouTube to find it.  Under the 3view tab you can watch lot’s of videos to help you get the best out of using your 3View unit.



The Sky Player service has not been implemented at the time of constructing this User Guide. Once implemented the User Guide will be updated with the details of how to use the service.


The 3view service has not been implemented at the time of writing this User Guide. Once implemented the User Guide will be updated with details of how to use the service.


Selecting the Bing tab gives you access to the Bing home page where you can conduct a search using either an attached USB keyboard and mouse or by using the remote control in order to access the on screen keyboard.  Press  the Sub button on the remote control to bring up the keyboard, to cycle through upper case, lower case or numeric/punctuation press the Info button. To remove the on screen keyboard press Back. To return to the live broadcast screen, press Exit.

The Broadcasters Websites.

bbc_tv_home  itv_tv_homechannel4_tv_homefive_tv_homesky_tv_home

The remaining services available in the 3View portal at this time  consist of the major broadcasters websites.  Navigate to each one using the directions buttons and  press OK on any of the tabs to access the broadcasters home page. In order to navigate around the page you can either choose to use an attached USB keyboard and mouse or alternatively the remote control which uses the following buttons in order to move around the pages and access the different areas.

Press Action
Rewind Move left to the next link
Fast Forward Move right to the next link
P + Move up through links
P – Move down through links
OK Activate a link
Up direction arrow Scroll the page up
Down direction arrow Scroll the page down
Left direction arrow Scroll the page left
Right direction arrow Scroll the page right
Back Move back to the previously viewed page
Sub Display the on screen keyboard
Back Remove the on screen keyboard
Exit Exit the website and return to viewing a live broadcast



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