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12. Deleting Recordings and Timers

Deleting after Watching.

Delete a single episode


The easiest method of deleting a single recording immediately after watching it is from the right hand list in the recordings screen where you are returned once the recording has ended.  Press  OK on the remote control and scroll down to the last choice in the list of Program Options and select Delete Permanently.

Caution!  This action is irreversible so only use if you are certain that you do not wish to view that recording again! If you are not certain, then click on  Put in Waste Basket where it can be retrieved later if you change your mind.


Watching a recording from a series


Alternatively if you began watching a single episode from the left hand list of Recordings and Timers and chose the Play First Available episode you will be returned to the left hand list once the recording has ended. In order to Delete the episode just watched you will have to navigate to that particular episode in the right hand list and press OK in order to access the Program Options list and then either Put in Waste Basket or Delete Permanently.



Cancelling an Episode from a Series.

Cancelling an episode from the Info BarThere might be occasions when you wish to keep a Series of recordings you have scheduled but cancel one particular episode only. There are different ways you can do this. You can access the episode that you wish to cancel from the Info Bar by pressing OK whilst watching a live channel followed by navigating to that particular program and pressing OK whist highlighted.

This will bring up the usual Program Options list, where you can select Cancel Episode from the list, or alternatively you can navigate to the episode that you wish to cancel from the Guide, press OK whist that episode is highlighted and then Select Cancel Episode from the Program Options list.


Cancelling Episode from All Events in PVR viewer


You can also Cancel a single episode from a Series by pressing PVR in order to access the Recordings Screen, then selecting the PVR Events Viewer. Make sure that you are in the All Events screen of the viewer, scroll down to the particular program that you wish to cancel using the direction keys, press OK whilst the program is highlighted and then press Cancel Episode from the drop down list. 



Cancelling a Series.

Cancel Series from GuideAfter setting up a series timer, you might decide that you no longer wish to continue with that particular series of programs and as with cancelling an individual recording there are different ways to do this. You can cancel a Series of recordings directly from the Info Bar or the Program Guide by following the instructions above but selecting the Cancel Series option from the Program Options list instead.  You can also Cancel a Series from the Recordings Screen by selecting PVR Event Timer, navigating to the Series you wish to cancel  in the All Events screen, and then pressing OK to access the drop down Program Options list.  Select Cancel Series from that list.


Cancelling and Deleting All Programs.

Cancel All, Delete All


You may decide at some point that you wish to Cancel all of your set Timers and recordings  or Delete them all.  In order to do this, press the PVR button on the remote control to access the Recordings Screen.  Select All Programs from the left hand list and press OK. You will then be given two choices, Cancel All or Delete All. Select your choice by pressing OK



Timer Icons.

Single timers yet to be activated are listed in the Timer list with a single green tick  rec-single-ok next to them and those with active series timers are listed with two green ticks. rec-series-ok  Any entries with no green ticks or icons present are timers which have failed to find any other matches.

 rec-series-delayRepeats of scheduled programs are shown with a yellow triangle across any green ticks if the Series option First Run Only has been chosen either in the Recordings Default settings or when setting up a recording in the Guide or the Info Bar.

Interrupted power during recording.

In the event of a power cut whilst a recording is taking place, the unit will continue to record once the power has been restored. The scheduled recording will be available to watch in two separate sections, less the power failed section. This guarantees that in the event of  a power failure as long as it does not last for the duration of a whole recording, you will be able to still watch the parts that were recorded before and after the power cut.


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