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22. Settings. Registration and Maintenance Menu

Box Registration



Use this menu to enter the User Name and password already used to register the unit on the My 3view page on the 3view website. Use the Info button on the remote control to cycle through the upper case, lower case and numbers/punctuation versions of the on-screen keyboard. Pressing OK
on the on-screen Shift key will achieve the same. Registering your box helps us to  support any problems remotely.


Maintenance Menu

The full maintenance menu


Warning! Using this option can delete all data and settings and return your unit to factory settings! Should the 3view software on the hard drive become corrupted, then the Maintenance Menu option may be the only way to restore it. In order to access the Maintenance Menu, remove all power to the unit then, with the standby button on the unit’s front panel held in, return power to the unit. Continue to keep the standby button pressed until you see the 3view Logo.


Update from Network.. The 3view box is still online even on rescue mode. You can select the latest version of the software to upgrade from the network.

Update from USB.  Alternatively you can update the software using a USB stick connected to the unit via one of the USB ports.

Reset Video Mode.  This choice will allow you to reset the current video mode to your TV.

Start Application. This choice allows you to boot into the currently installed software version from the Maintenance Menu.

Network Configuration. If you are experiencing any Network problems, this choice allows you to change the Network configuration.

Format Hard Drive – Formatting the hard drive before reinstalling is known as a clean install. This erases all data on the disk and should therefore be used only as a last resort when all other choices of recovery have been attempted.

NOTE. The Maintenance menu will always display if no hard drive or valid hard drive image is detected at the boot up stage.


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