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3. Connecting Up

Step 1.


Plug your aerial cable into the RF IN port at the far left hand side of the back of the 3View unit.  If you wish to view Freeview on your TV, then plug a second aerial lead into the RF OUT port at the back of the 3View unit and connect to your TV.

Step 2.


Connect one end of the HDMI cable into your set top box, and plug the other end into a spare HDMI socket on your Television. If your TV is not HD ready you can use a SCART cable instead. (Not supplied.)

Step 3.

Plug one end of the network cable into the network socket on the back of the set top box and the other end to your broadband router.

TIP! If your router is not near to the 3View unit, then you can use Home Plugs to connect the 3View unit to your network. Simply connect the network cable from the 3View unit to one of the Home plugs and connect the other Home plug via a network cable to your broadband router then plug both of the home plugs into the nearest electrical  sockets.


Finally you can now connect the power cable to the 3view unit and plug it into the mains socket and switch all of your equipment back on.

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