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8. Recording Defaults.


Recording Defaults


Whilst you are in the Settings screen and before setting up any recordings , its a good idea to familiarize yourself with the default settings for recordings. These defaults are applied to all recordings but the 3view unit gives you the choice of also changing any individual settings for each recording as well as these overall defaults when you set them up in the Guide or in the Info Bar. In the settings screen and below the Favourite Channels, move down to the Recording Defaults choice in the left hand list.

All of these settings might appear rather complicated at first, so here is a simple work through of what each setting means. To change any of the default settings, use the right arrow key to move to the list of choices, and then press OK on the remote control to access a list of different settings for each choice. Navigate down the drop down list and then press OK on your choice.

Priority for recordings

Priority. How much importance do you want to give to each recording? The default setting is 2-High.

Keep Time. How long do you want the 3View unit to keep your recordings? The default is set at  ‘As long as possible’

Bonus Before.  How much padding do you want the unit to apply to the beginning of all of your recordings? The default is set at 2 minutes.

Bonus After. How much padding do you want applied to the end of your recordings? Again, default is 2 minutes.

BonusAuto Extend Bonus  Auto Extend Bonus applies to certain types of live program that have an unreliable end time, such as sporting events or the Academy Awards for example, and if the Guide data properly identifies these events, the software will automatically record a larger bonus time at the end of the scheduled recording. Default is half an hour. .

Which Episodes.  Which episodes do you want recorded?  First run only or first run and repeats?  Default is  First run only.

Auto Record. Do you want the unit to auto record your choice of episodes? Default is Yes.

Most users will probably find the default settings to be fine. If you are not sure about any of the default settings, then simply leave them as they are. You can always return to this screen and adjust the settings as you become more familiar with using the 3view unit.



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