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6. Watching Live TV.

Changing Channels.

Whilst viewing Live TV you can change channels using different methods depending on which method you prefer to use. 

Navigating to a new channel via the info barUsing the number keys on the remote control, input the number and then wait until the channel changes over or press OK once you have finished adding the number. (there is a slight delay after you have entered only one number as the unit waits in case you need to add another number.)

You can press OK or INFO on the channel that you are currently viewing which brings up the Info Bar and then by using the direction keys to move up or down the Info Bar or the P+ P- buttons you can then navigate to another channel. Pressing OK on another channel will bring up a list of choices so just select the top  choice of Watch this Channel.

Using Guide to change channels


You can also ‘surf’ up or down the channels by using the P+ or P – keys on the remote control.

Finally you can select Guide on the remote to access the channels in the Guide. Using the direction keys or P+ or P- on the remote to move one page of the Guide at a time,  select another channel by pressing OK followed by selecting the first choice of ‘Watch this Channel’ from the drop down list.


Pause and Rewind Live TV.

Paused program liveIf your viewing of any live channel is interrupted for any reason, you can pause the channel you are watching by pressing the Pause button on the remote control. Simply press Pause again or Play to continue watching the current program from where you left off.

If you have missed viewing a part of the current program you can also Rewind it back to the point that you last viewed it at different speeds. These are x8, x15, x30 and x90. For every additional press on the Rewind button, the speed of rewind will be increased. Press Play when you have reached the point where you last viewed the program.

Program Details.

Synopsis above EPG


 Details about the current program are shown by pressing the Info or OK  button on the remote control.  A more detailed synopsis is also available directly above the Guide table as you navigate around it.  This extra information can be helpful in deciding whether or not to watch a particular program or set it to record if shown at a future time.




Whilst viewing a channel, press the Sub button on the remote control. Pressing Sub for a second time will set the unit to display subtitles only when the sound has been muted and pressing Sub for a third time will turn subtitles off.

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