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6. Watching Live TV.

Changing Channels.

Whilst viewing Live TV you can change channels using different methods depending on which method you prefer to use. 

Navigating to a new channel via the info barUsing the number keys on the remote control, input the number and then wait until the channel changes over or press OK once you have finished adding the number. (there is a slight delay after you have entered only one number as the unit waits in case you need to add another number.)

You can press OK or INFO on the channel that you are currently viewing which brings up the Info Bar and then by using the direction keys to move up or down the Info Bar or the P+ P- buttons you can then navigate to another channel. Pressing OK on another channel will bring up a list of choices so just select the top  choice of Watch this Channel.

Using Guide to change channels


You can also ‘surf’ up or down the channels by using the P+ or P – keys on the remote control.

Finally you can select Guide on the remote to access the channels in the Guide. Using the direction keys or P+ or P- on the remote to move one page of the Guide at a time,  select another channel by pressing OK followed by selecting the first choice of ‘Watch this Channel’ from the drop down list.


Pause and Rewind Live TV.

Paused program liveIf your viewing of any live channel is interrupted for any reason, you can pause the channel you are watching by pressing the Pause button on the remote control. Simply press Pause again or Play to continue watching the current program from where you left off.

If you have missed viewing a part of the current program you can also Rewind it back to the point that you last viewed it at different speeds. These are x8, x15, x30 and x90. For every additional press on the Rewind button, the speed of rewind will be increased. Press Play when you have reached the point where you last viewed the program.

Program Details.

Synopsis above EPG


 Details about the current program are shown by pressing the Info or OK  button on the remote control.  A more detailed synopsis is also available directly above the Guide table as you navigate around it.  This extra information can be helpful in deciding whether or not to watch a particular program or set it to record if shown at a future time.




Whilst viewing a channel, press the Sub button on the remote control. Pressing Sub for a second time will set the unit to display subtitles only when the sound has been muted and pressing Sub for a third time will turn subtitles off.

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7. Managing your Channels.

It’s highly likely that you won’t want to have to navigate or work your way through lot’s  of channels that you have no intentions of ever watching. The 3View unit allows you to hide those channels from being shown in the Guide or when channel surfing using the P+ or P – keys.

Hiding Channels.

Accessing Manage Channels


 To hide channels from view in the Guide, click on the Setup button on the remote control.  In the Settings page, Channels is highlighted on the left hand side of this screen. On the right hand side you have a list containing Scan Channels, Manage Channels, Favourite Channels and Recording Defaults.  Using the direction buttons on the remote, navigate to Manage Channels.



Manage Channels in Settings


Using the direction buttons move over to the Channels column on the right and then work your way through all of the channels using the up/down keys pressing OK in order to tick or untick those channels that you wish to be hidden from view. You can also set up a list of your Favourite channels as well using exactly the same method.  Just move down to the Favourite Channels in the list and then move into the list of channels as before to tick those that you wish to include in your favourite channels list.


Guide just showing favourite channels


To exit this Settings screen, press Back or Exit on the remote control. Now when navigating the Guide, only those channels that you ticked will be shown making it so much easier to both watch your channels and also set up any recordings that you wish to make. To change the channel order available to you in the Guide from your chosen channels, press the Guide button on the remote control and then click on the Info button to cycle through your chosen channels by number, by name and thirdly just your favourite channels.


TIP! If you want to hide lot’s of channels it might be quicker to select Clear All first and then work your way through the channel list just ticking those channels that you wish to show.

Recording Defaults.  

Whilst you are in the Settings screen, its a good idea to set up the default settings for your recordings. These defaults are applied to all your recordings but you can still change the settings later for any individual recordings as you set them up in the Guide or in the Info Bar. In the settings screen, move down to the Recording Default choice in the left hand list. 

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14. The TV Guide


TV Guide with Button

The TV Guide


Pressing OK on the TV Guide button from the Home page takes you to the electronic program Guide which can also be accessed from the Guide button on the remote control. The Guide displays five channels in total in a grid fashion running in half hour segments from left to right . Above the Guide is a small screen with the currently tuned channel showing in a small window on the left, and alongside the window on the right is a brief summary about the currently highlighted program. Along the top is the current day, date and time. . 


Your currently scheduled recordings are shown in the Guide as blue and if they are part of a series they also have two green ticks set against the title. If set as a single recording only one green tick will be present.  Channels not currently selected are coloured grey in the numbered channel list, whilst the channel you are currently in is displayed as black. The program that you have navigated to is highlighted by a yellow surround  in the Guide.  A short summary or synopsis of the highlighted program is shown above the Guide as you move through it.

To move through the Guide program by program or channel by channel use the direction keys on the remote control. If you wish to move more quickly through the channels you can use the P+ or P- keys on the remote control to skip up or down five channels at a time. (Page.) To move quickly through a particular channel in six hour jumps, use the FF or RW keys on the remote control.

If you are scanning the Guide in order to decide which current program to view, then remain in the current time slot and move up or down the channels in the Guide using the direction buttons. The short summary for each highlighted program shown above the Guide will help you to decide whether to watch a program or record it.  When you see something you would like to watch press OK on the channel in question and then select Watch this Channel from the drop down list.



If  you are accessing the Guide in order to set up any recording timers, then navigate to your chosen program, press OK on the remote control whilst the program is highlighted followed by pressing OK on Record Episode or Record Series. After the unit has checked for any conflicts if you are setting up a series recording, select Accept – Record this Series in order to set up the Series recording schedule.  If you change your mind about recording that particular program scroll down to Cancel – Do Not Record to exit the recording set up list.


TV Guide View

TV Guide sorted by favourites



You can change which channels are listed  in the TV Guide by pressing the Info button on the remote control. The default view is the channels  listed by number. Each press of Info cycles through by number, by name of channels and thirdly your favourite list of channels.



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19. Home Page. Settings.


Settings Icon

Selecting the Settings tab from the Home page takes you to the main Settings page where you can set up or change any of the current Settings on the 3View unit. Some settings will have already been set during the setup Wizard when you first installed and connected the unit.  However, you may decide to change some settings later, change the name of the unit as seen by the Network,  register your unit with 3view or change some other setting.  To navigate and select any of the choices in the following Settings screens, use the direction arrow keys in order to access any of the choices you wish to change and then press OK.


Scan channels, Keep and Scan


Under this heading you are presented with the choices of Scan Channels where you can either choose to Keep and Scan or Erase and ScanKeep and Scan allows you to add any new channels have been recently added to the Freeview lineup without losing the channels you have already installed. Erase and Scan will as stated erase all of your currently saved channels and begin the channel scan again from the beginning.


Manage Channels


It is sometimes useful to be able exclude a channel from listings or to change its position within a list. The Manage Channels screen allows these changes to be made. To remove a channel from the list move to the relevant channel and press OK to turn the button from yellow to black. Repeat this as required. To reinstate a channel repeat the process and turn the button from black to yellow. Mark All will mark all channels to make all of them viewable and Clear All will have the opposite effect.


Changing number and name of channels

To move a channel into a different position within listings, find it within the list, move across and press OK on Edit Info, then enter the new channel number. It is possible to allocate two channels to the same number and the unit will function with that configuration. However, though it may be useful to have, for example, a high definition channel adjacent to its standard definition equivalent, it can cause some inconvenience when changing channels using the numeric keypad.  The above process is also used to change a channel”s name. Select the channel and enter the new name using the on-screen keyboard.


To undo any changes, use the Revert button to move the channel back to its original position and the on-screen keyboard to re-enter the channel name.

Favourite Channels

Mark your favourite channelsIt is sometimes useful to be able to display the Guide limited to only those channels which are most frequently viewed. The Favourite Channels screen allows those channels to be selected through the use of the arrow and OK keys. The Mark All and Clear All buttons may be of assistance in speeding up the selection process if you only intend to set a few channels as your favourites.  Once you have set up your favourite list, you can access it by pressing Guide to display the full EPG and then pressing the Info button on the remote control twice in order to display only your favourite channels.


Recording Defaults

Setting your recording defaults


The 3view is capable of considerable customisation and the setting of recording defaults is a good example of this with a total of eight different elements able to be defined and chosen. Each element has a number of choices which are accessed by either pressing OK to see the entire list  or alternatively by pressing the right arrow to move through the list an item at a time.  You can of course also alter the settings when you set up each individual recording, thereby allowing even greater customisation for your recordings or just leave them at the default setting if you wish.


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