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5. The Set Up Wizard.


Boot up splash screen


As soon as the 3View unit is plugged in and switched on, it will begin it’s initial boot up. You will see the 3View white splash screen which will appear and disappear. This will be accompanied by the three lights on the front of the unit blinking on and off.  Please be patient! The 3view unit will take a minute or so to fully boot up the first time that it is connected to the mains and this is quite normal. Once the boot up sequence has completed, you will see the first set up screen to guide you through setting up the 3View unit to suit your set up.


First Set up screen



Moving through the Wizard set up screens is easy. Simply click  OK on the Next tab using the remote control to move onto the next screen. To move around any choices offered in the Set up wizard screens, use the arrow keys on the remote.



Setting up your TV's resolution


The first item that you need to set up is the resolution for you particular television. Scroll up and down using the arrow keys on the remote to select which resolution you prefer from the list and then click on OK. The Wizard will then test to see if that resolution is fully supported by your television. If you cannot see a picture, then the wizard will return you to the set up screen to try out a different resolution. If you see the screen shown here then your television can display the chosen resolution and you can click  on Yes and then move onto the next screen by clicking on Next.


Setting up your timezone


In the next screen you will be asked to set up your particular time zone and whether or not to use Daylight Saving Time. Move up or down the different time zones using the arrow keys on the remote, select your time zone by clicking OK followed by clicking on Yes or No for Daylight Saving time and then Select Next. The next screen is for choosing the source  of your television signal and should be left on Antenna. After clicking on Next from that screen, the 3view unit will begin to scan for all of the channels available in your area.


Scan for Channels ends



You can stop the channel scan at any time, and those channels found so far during the scan will be saved. It does take some time to complete the scan so please do be patient!



Detecting your Network settings


Next you will be asked configure the 3view box to your network. If you have connected the 3View unit via the included Ethernet cable to your router then the 3view unit should set up your network connection automatically. Following setting up your network connection you will  be asked to either keep the default name 3View for the unit on your Network or give it your own preferred name such as ‘PVR’ or  ‘Freeview TV’ for example.



Following setting up your network settings on the unit  the set up wizard is complete and you will be taken to Live TV to enjoy watching all of your Freeview channels. 

Tip!   At any time during the Wizard set up screens, you can always go back by clicking on Back or Previous during the set up procedure.

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6. Watching Live TV.

Changing Channels.

Whilst viewing Live TV you can change channels using different methods depending on which method you prefer to use. 

Navigating to a new channel via the info barUsing the number keys on the remote control, input the number and then wait until the channel changes over or press OK once you have finished adding the number. (there is a slight delay after you have entered only one number as the unit waits in case you need to add another number.)

You can press OK or INFO on the channel that you are currently viewing which brings up the Info Bar and then by using the direction keys to move up or down the Info Bar or the P+ P- buttons you can then navigate to another channel. Pressing OK on another channel will bring up a list of choices so just select the top  choice of Watch this Channel.

Using Guide to change channels


You can also ‘surf’ up or down the channels by using the P+ or P – keys on the remote control.

Finally you can select Guide on the remote to access the channels in the Guide. Using the direction keys or P+ or P- on the remote to move one page of the Guide at a time,  select another channel by pressing OK followed by selecting the first choice of ‘Watch this Channel’ from the drop down list.


Pause and Rewind Live TV.

Paused program liveIf your viewing of any live channel is interrupted for any reason, you can pause the channel you are watching by pressing the Pause button on the remote control. Simply press Pause again or Play to continue watching the current program from where you left off.

If you have missed viewing a part of the current program you can also Rewind it back to the point that you last viewed it at different speeds. These are x8, x15, x30 and x90. For every additional press on the Rewind button, the speed of rewind will be increased. Press Play when you have reached the point where you last viewed the program.

Program Details.

Synopsis above EPG


 Details about the current program are shown by pressing the Info or OK  button on the remote control.  A more detailed synopsis is also available directly above the Guide table as you navigate around it.  This extra information can be helpful in deciding whether or not to watch a particular program or set it to record if shown at a future time.




Whilst viewing a channel, press the Sub button on the remote control. Pressing Sub for a second time will set the unit to display subtitles only when the sound has been muted and pressing Sub for a third time will turn subtitles off.

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14. The TV Guide


TV Guide with Button

The TV Guide


Pressing OK on the TV Guide button from the Home page takes you to the electronic program Guide which can also be accessed from the Guide button on the remote control. The Guide displays five channels in total in a grid fashion running in half hour segments from left to right . Above the Guide is a small screen with the currently tuned channel showing in a small window on the left, and alongside the window on the right is a brief summary about the currently highlighted program. Along the top is the current day, date and time. . 


Your currently scheduled recordings are shown in the Guide as blue and if they are part of a series they also have two green ticks set against the title. If set as a single recording only one green tick will be present.  Channels not currently selected are coloured grey in the numbered channel list, whilst the channel you are currently in is displayed as black. The program that you have navigated to is highlighted by a yellow surround  in the Guide.  A short summary or synopsis of the highlighted program is shown above the Guide as you move through it.

To move through the Guide program by program or channel by channel use the direction keys on the remote control. If you wish to move more quickly through the channels you can use the P+ or P- keys on the remote control to skip up or down five channels at a time. (Page.) To move quickly through a particular channel in six hour jumps, use the FF or RW keys on the remote control.

If you are scanning the Guide in order to decide which current program to view, then remain in the current time slot and move up or down the channels in the Guide using the direction buttons. The short summary for each highlighted program shown above the Guide will help you to decide whether to watch a program or record it.  When you see something you would like to watch press OK on the channel in question and then select Watch this Channel from the drop down list.



If  you are accessing the Guide in order to set up any recording timers, then navigate to your chosen program, press OK on the remote control whilst the program is highlighted followed by pressing OK on Record Episode or Record Series. After the unit has checked for any conflicts if you are setting up a series recording, select Accept – Record this Series in order to set up the Series recording schedule.  If you change your mind about recording that particular program scroll down to Cancel – Do Not Record to exit the recording set up list.


TV Guide View

TV Guide sorted by favourites



You can change which channels are listed  in the TV Guide by pressing the Info button on the remote control. The default view is the channels  listed by number. Each press of Info cycles through by number, by name of channels and thirdly your favourite list of channels.



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15. The 3View Portal. BBC iPlayer.


3View Button and Title

3View Portal


Selecting 3View from the Home page will take you to the 3View portal where you can access the BBC iPlayer, YouTube, Sky Player, 3View services, Bing Home page and the broadcasters Home pages. The currently tuned program is displayed in a window above the different services tabs. To use a service in the 3View portal, simply click on that relevant tab.




BBC iPlayer


After clicking on the BBC iPlayer tab you will be shown the Home page and be in the Highlights screen by default.  To view all of the available programs use the direction buttons on the 3view remote to scroll left or right. Pressing the down direction button will access the Most Popular programs in the lower portion of the player screen. Pressing down again will allow access to both the Settings page and the Help page. Any tab or area that you have navigated to will change colour  to pink.


When you see a program that you would like to view then press OK whilst it is selected.  You will have to okay the viewing if the chosen program is deemed to be not suitable for children to watch and you will be prompted at the same time to set up a Parental Lock in Settings. 

Pressing the up direction button will take you back to the top tabs where you can change the programs shown to include only TV or Radio programs  and you can also conduct a Search for a program if you cannot find it in the TV or Radio areas.  Moving down to the tabs below those  allows you to change the available programs from Highlights to Last Played ( the programs you have viewed previously on the Player) and also Just In.

TV Screen in BBC iPlayer


On selecting either the TV or Radio tabs at the top, the main screen will change to show four more tabs consisting of TV Channels, Categories, Most Popular and lastly All or A-H, I-P and Q-Z. the Categories list is further divided into Most Popular or by Day. (Date.) Use the directions buttons on the 3view remote to scroll down the list of available programs and press OK to select one to watch.  Programs are shown according to whichever criteria you have selected via the tabs.  the Radio screen accessed by selecting the Radio Tab is displayed in exactly the same way. 


Help in BBC iPlayer


Scrolling down to the bottom of the player and selecting Settings will allow you to set up Parental Control if you have children living at home and also change the Video format if you are finding that the iPlayer is tending to halt during playback due to buffering problems caused by your internet connection speed.  If you are finding that you have problems using the BBC iPlayer at all, a very handy Help area  has been included next to Settings  where you will find answers to most of your queries. 


Choices for each program chosen



Whenever you select a program to watch, you will be informed how many days the program will be available for you to watch on the player, how long the program will take to watch and also if that particular program is also available on the BBC iPlayer in HD or alternatively in SD if you have chosen the HD version.



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